With the season over work has started on our two new cars for next season. 95 will move on after 3 seasons of lease. A new ministock is being built for Connor and a Production for Daniel. Daniels car will be a Subaru Legacy (for obvious reasons).  48t will be getting a little straighten out after oxford :( (not my best driving) Overall last season was Great, I got a few wins and a few podiums and Connor got 3rd in season points in his first season. 

Oxford NZ champs, I would rather forget lol um Got spun in first race, Ended up in ditch in repecharge, Got a win in best of the rest and ended up 4th overall best of rest. Connor on the other hand drove very well for the first time on the track, and he bet me in repcharge :p lol

Next season is going to be hectic with 3 cars and Mark now the head scrutineer at Cromwell. And hopefully ill have oxford sorted come next may.