Race one
I started 5th while Connor started 8th.
The track was pretty good but very wet near the pole line.
I finished 1st while Connor finished 5th.
In the second race I started on pole while Connor started 4th.
I got 1st, While Connor did bloody well and got 3rd.
In the last race i started 9th and Connor started 3rd.
Connor managed to get to the front by the first corner but then got hit and spun in the first corner, he managed to fire it back up and got a few positions back. I finished 2nd.

Over all 
1st Liam
2nd  Clayton
3rd Cody
4th Connor

Unfortunatly The gopro decided to currupt the videos so the will be none from this meeting but still have to upload vi

9/29/2012 06:41:52 am

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