Last week we headed down to Invercargil for the southland youth ministock champs. It was a warm day and the track was better than last year, But still veryt rutty. Out of the 9 car field 8 were from Cromwell and 1 was from Dunedin. The first race started of with Sam Kelly rolling in turn 2 which ended his night. But the red flag proved contriverisal with 34t and 58t sent to the infield for moving on a red flag. This put me up to second. the leader ended up with a flat tire which put me up to 1st.
Race 2 the track started to flatgen off a bit. i started 8th and worked my way up to 2nd and was catching Clayton. At the finish line i was right beside him but finish 2nd. Race 3 i started 3rd and finished 1st. which put me in 1st overall for the night. Connor did well to for his first time on the rutty track 
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The Last Meeting we had was Xmas Champs and New Years GP.
At the Xmas Champs My grids were 3,10,10 and results were 2,3,4. 
Overall results was Clayton 1st, Camden 2nd,  Me 3rd.
Connor also did well.

New Years Grand Prix is different were the last race determined who wins the trophies. and your placing for the first 2 races determine your grids for the final race. my Grids were 3,10 and my placings were 2,3. so my grid in the last race was 2. and thanks to lap traffic i lost my lead and ended up in 2nd. 
Clayton 1st, Me 2nd, Syd 3rd.

And on the 18th of December we went to the otago champs in dunidun were I won and Connor got 4th


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